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2023 update

Thank you

Thank you all for your support and understanding 2023 has been a year of ups and downs and many changes for me. All of your support has truly helped me through this time

       I apologize for the sudden departure from the summer farmers markets in early September.  My mother suddenly  became very ill and unfortunately. a short 3 1/2 weeks after that first call my mother passed.  It was with heavy heart that my dad watched the love of his life in the hospital.  My mom was his world and they had so many incredible adventures togeater.  They lived there life with purpose and passion and embraced every moment they had.  

         Many of you know that later in 2022 my marriage ended and I was diagnosed as having Obesseive Compulsive Personality Disorder with undiagnosed depression. After a full mental breakdown. I spent most of early 2023 working to  understand my diagnosis and make the changes necessary for me to manage my diagnosis and create a positive and healthy environment to live in. As I worked through this I truly realized how little we know and understand mental health.  I have worked since them to not only understand if better for myself and let you in on my journey.  

       Of course will all such journeys there are times when social media can be helpful and sometimes when it can be destructive.  So my social media presence has been sporadic over the year as I figure out my healthy balance.  And of course the social media apps dislike me, but I am slowly getting back to a point that I feel I can manage a more regular posting schedule and my workshop and personal life.

      I have adjusted my 2023 holiday market schedule so I can be the best I can for all of you and have great products for all you to enjoy for the 2023 holiday season. I am visiting Calgary,  Vancouver and Edmonton this year. And I am also in process of adding my on-line shopping.  

      Thank you all for your support!  Hope to see you all at my 2023 Holiday Markets!

Bonnie Adams




To live a positive sustainable life and make functional art for all to enjoy!


Using local Canadian hardwoods to create modern woodworking pieces that anyone of any age will enjoy.  

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